To celebrate ’50 Years of Ground Control’, we're working with our clients on planting projects, community activities, and the causes that matter to them, all to showcase Human Nature: At Its Best.

The Tesco Thornbury Community Project was a collaboration between Ground Control, Tesco, and ISG ltd to renovate a space in the centre of their car park. The project aims to provide a green space for shoppers and the local community to enjoy a safe and tranquil route through a previously muddy and bare area to the store. Initial groundwork, including the installation of a footpath, was completed by ISG Ltd.

The project also considered how the area could boost biodiversity in this space, and support pollinators.

Signage saying Welcome to the Tesco Thornbury Community Garden
New community garden signage

After a successful planting day, a wildflower mix shoulders one edge of the garden, which will grow to attract insects and pollinators that are not usually able to thrive in a carpark and urban area.

The planting throughout included herbs such as lavender, thyme, and rosemary, whose flowers also aim to attract pollinators to the garden. Planting also included sections of robust grass to edge the path, and Pennisetum Karley rose and Dianthus Confetti pink to fill the areas and provide food and shelter for wildlife and insects.

Reaching out to include the local community, the project also worked with Gillingstool Primary School. Pupils painted 170 pebbles with their favourite insects or wildlife and these were placed in the garden with the hope of inspiring a passion an interest in biodiversity for the next generation.

Aerial shop of works in progress on site
Aerial shot of works in progress

The team was joined by several Tesco employees who volunteered to support the project, including Property Project Manager, Tracey Lawrence, who added.

At Thornbury we are making environmentally conscious changes with investment inside the store and wanted to match this outside. We hope the new garden will be enjoyed by shoppers and boost biodiversity around the store.
Tesco Thornbuy Volunteers planting a raised flower bed
Volunteers from Tesco Thornbury

The project was managed and coordinated by Ben Goodgroves, Contracts Manager (North Devon and Bristol Area), who added:

Thanks to everyone who joined us on the day. It was great to have support internally from several colleagues and to have Simon Thomas at Tesco bring together some of their maintenance team.
Photo of Ground Control team
Ground Control team members
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