As design, landscaping, ecology, and land management experts Ground Control is uniquely placed to support both businesses who need to fulfil their BNG objectives and purchase Off-site units and landowners who want to diversify and secure a long-term income stream.
  • Landowners | Our Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) experts assist landowners in identifying areas of their land and income streams that can be diversified. Landowners can lease their land for the creation of Habitat Banks, which can then be sold as biodiversity units.  
  • Developers | Our units allow developers and development works to fulfil their legal obligations through the purchase of off-site units, with a habitat bank catalog to choose the units applicable to them. 

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Lease your land to create off-site habitat banks

Diversify your land with a reliable income for up to 30 years. Landowners can lease their land creation of habitat banks to be sold as biodiversity (BNG) units.

Purchase off-site biodiversity units

Fulfil your off-site biodiversity requirements by purchasing units from our growing catalogue of habitat banks across England.

Biodiversity Net Gain for Developers

An 8-step guide to achieving your Biodiversity Net Gain ambitions and requirements.
Download the Guide