Our journey to carbon net zero

In November 2021, the importance of tackling climate change really came to the fore when world leaders gathered in Glasgow for COP26 and formally recognised the severity of climate impacts should global temperature rise above 1.5oC. While we need world leaders to take these important steps, we all need to recognise the importance of reducing our emissions and managing the impacts of climate change.

At Ground Control, we are proud to have been certified as carbon neutral since 2020. But to really play our part in addressing the climate emergency, we know we need to go much further. For us, that means becoming carbon net zero and considering all greenhouse gas emissions throughout our value chain. In 2021, we formally committed to becoming net zero with the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). We are currently working with the Carbon Trust to benchmark our footprint and then set science-based targets to achieve our net zero goal.

While we work to set our targets, we are conscious of the urgency to act now. That’s why we are investing in battery powered tools and electric vehicles, as well as the infrastructure to charge them, and investigating how we can support our field teams to do the same in a way that is financially sustainable for them.

Ambitions and targets

  • Committed to setting science-based targets and becoming carbon net zero
  • 100% battery powered hand tools by 2023
  • 10,000 EV charging stations installed by 2025
  • Fully electric fleet by 2025

UN sustainable development goals

By focusing on achieving Net Zero Carbon, we are supporting the following UN Sustainable Development Goal:

13 Climate Action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

PAS 2060:2014 Carbon neutrality certification

Qualifying Explanatory Statement in support of carbon neutrality

Carbon Reduction Plan

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