Leadership and culture

Our leaders promote a culture where the environment and sustainability are second nature. To help embed this culture throughout the business, we set up our Sustainability Committee made up of leaders from across the company., This committee is working to ensure the right tools and resources are in place and sustainability is at the forefront of all the conversions with have with our customers, field teams, suppliers and internal teams.

Systems and technology

As a systems-driven business, we use efficient and resilient technology to help us identify and evaluate . Our Integrated Management System provides the framework for our policies and operating standards, sets out clear expectations around how to comply and establishes the mechanisms that enable us to continually improve .

Employee engagement and competence

Our people are passionate about the environment and sustainability. We are developing training and engagement programmes to help empower them to play their part in delivering against our environmental focus areas.  

Supply chain alignment

Our field teams and wider supply chain are at the forefront of what we do.  They are also where many of our environment and sustainability risks and opportunities sit. We are helping them better understand these and working with them to deliver efficiencies and more sustainable solutions.

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