We provide electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for commercial properties and fleets to enable you to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels whilst combatting your Scope 1 emissions.

Taking lessons from our transition to a fully electric fleet, we support you in focusing your transition and charging capabilities on 'the right vehicles for now'. All the time pre-preparing installations for the next stage of your transition. 

Our fleet transition experts will:

  • Consult with you to understand the energy your business has available, your budget, and your environmental emission goals.
  • Create a design to maximise your fleet charging capabilities at commercial properties and enable you to charge domestically.
  • As the first EVCP installer to gain RECCo accreditation, we complete installations by highly qualified technicians to keep your staff and our teams safe.
  • Offer maintenance options to ensure a successful transition beyond charge point installation. 

Our teams assess your service needs and create a bespoke plan suitable for your energy infrastructure, vehicle use, and budget.

Our experts ensure your premises have a reliable and accessible supply of energy to meet your fleet's needs. If unavailable, our energy solution experts can recommend ways to increase your capacity by decarbonising your building.

We consult, design, install, and maintain your chargers, and can provide these services individually or as a complete package.

Enable your EV fleet and reduce the energy pressure on your commercial premises with the installation of domestic charge points.

Ground Control have proudly led the evolution in this space, becoming the first EVCP installer to gain RECCo accreditation, allowing us to safely, legally, and efficiently isolate domestic properties using DNO-approved equipment.

Our bespoke customer portals simplify the installation process within agreed parameters, allowing us to smoothly handle the installation logistics.

We are trusted by Openreach to transition the second-largest commercial fleet in the UK with a combination of on-site charging and domestic fleet solutions.

Installations are driven by safety

All our installations are completed by industry experts and highly qualified technicians accredited and associated with NICEIC, ECA, RECCo, and CDM.

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