Our arboricultural consultancy team offers an experienced and professional service for the sustainable management of trees, woodlands, and their environments.  

Our team members have extensive experience in all areas of arboriculture including local authority, private consultancy, contract management and nursery production.  

We offer a nationwide service with effective and responsive delivery of projects of any scale. 

Our consultants can provide professional advice and reports for planning applications, discharge of conditions and ongoing arboricultural support in the form of supervision and inspections. Our experience in delivering surveys and associated documentation in accordance with BS 5837:2012 includes private residential developments, large scale commercial and industrial projects, education facilities, external spaces, and new housing developments.  

We have also provided specialist arboricultural support on several infrastructure projects of national importance, using the latest GPS plotting, CAD, and GIS mapping technologies to accurately locate trees and vegetation in the absence of a detailed topographical survey. Working as part of a larger multidisciplinary team requires a coordinated and organised approach with the ability to adapt and mobilise at short notice. Our unique experience in this field has enabled the arboricultural team to become one of the leading consultancies in this sector.  

We use PiCUS tomography to detect healthy wood by measuring the velocity of its soundwaves.  

What may look like healthy timber could in fact be hollow and structurally weak. By using non-intrusive sonic sensors to detect the speed of sound waves passing through, decay and cavities can be detected in standing trees as healthy wood is a better sound wave conductor than wood damaged by decay. 

The test generates a 2D colour tomogram of the tree stem to display a clear, graphical representation of the tree’s structural integrity. We provide appropriate tree management recommendations for individual trees by combining these results with our knowledge of tree mechanics and species profiling. 

Our clients appreciate the clear diagrammatic reports we offer and value our wealth of tree management experience, with much of our work concerning high amenity veteran specimens with historical, sentimental, and ecological value. For Local Authorities and other concerned parties, PiCUS tomography can be vital in demonstrating the need for remedial tree works, particularly for trees subject to planning legislation

Ground Control arboricultural consultancy offers detailed tree assessments across all sectors, for both single and multiple-site tree stocks. Our systems enable us to adapt our standard approach to collect more bespoke data specific to our clients' needs and requirements. 

Visual Tree Assessments are undertaken at ground level. To investigate features and defects higher up the trunk, stems or higher crown, it is necessary to conduct aerial inspections. Such inspections can be accessed by our certified climbers or a MEWP. 

Inspections can also be undertaken by our in-house Ecologists in the form of secondary bat roost appraisals, where potential bat roosts have been identified by our Arboricultural Consultancy Team. This ensures full legal compliance and responsible practice is in place when tree works are recommended. 

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