We have a responsibility to source, use and dispose of materials sustainably

As a country, we are consuming natural resources far quicker than they are able to regenerate or recover. Where and how we choose to source our materials and what we source can significantly alter the wider impact we have on communities and the environment, from manufacture through their use and final disposal. As such, we have a responsibility to source, use and dispose of materials sustainably.

At Ground Control, we are embedding the principles of sustainability throughout all the materials we procure, focusing on those we buy in the greatest quantity with the highest balance of social, ethical, environmental and economic impacts.

We are working with our suppliers and field teams to identify more sustainable alternative materials and opportunities to reduce their use. We are also looking at the waste we produce and applying the waste hierarchy to first eliminate or reduce waste where we can.  Where this is not possible, we are looking at opportunities to create circular economies to maintain the intrinsic value of the materials we no longer need.

Ambitions and targets

  • Zero waste to landfill
  • Zero single use plastics
  • 100% of timber FSC certified

UN Sustainable Development Goals

By focusing on sourcing and using materials responsibly, we are supporting the following UN Sustainable Development Goal:

12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

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