The latest updates from Ground Control.

The latest updates from Ground Control.

Meticulous canopy and gully cleaning across the country

  • Comprehensive and personalised approach
  • All-encompassing service to fulfil any requirement
  • Make light of even the toughest of jobs

Canopy Cleaning & Gully Cleaning

As part of our catalogue of specialist cleaning services, Ground Control offer canopy cleaning & gully cleaning to ensure your commercial premises is meeting high standards of hygiene. Our comprehensive and personalised approach has frequently made us first choice in the UK for external solutions, landing us contracts with some of the biggest names in retail and industry.

A key part of our company ethos is an eco-conscious attitude, and we integrate this approach into our cleaning services too, always using best practices to minimise our impact on the environment.

Canopy Cleaning Services

For deep cleaning of kitchen gullies, our team have the expertise and equipment to make light work of even the toughest cleaning jobs. Ground Control rid your kitchen gullies of grease and fat deposits that can build up over time, leaving them unobstructed and fully functioning.

We understand the importance of preserving high levels of cleanliness, and appreciate the budgetary constraints of running a business, considering these concerns in our delivery.

Professional Gully Cleaning

It is the responsibility of business owners to ensure the health and cleanliness of their drainage systems. Gullies can become blocked by dirt and silt, obstructing their flow and functionality, and to combat this Ground Control provide cost-effective, high-quality gully cleaning, to solve your drainage woes.

Using powerful cleaning equipment, our specialists can quickly remove any blockages to restore your gullies back to full health. Our prompt response will ensure that no further time and money is wasted by leaving problems unresolved.

To discuss your issues further with our team, or to book our gully cleaning and canopy cleaning services, simply get in touch with our experts today.

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