As we head into the winter season and with it more likely that a La Nina will make this one to remember, Ground Control is there for you, your staff, and your customers to provide the best gritting service. And as the biggest private gritting service provider in the UK by far, we will be there for you, no matter the weather.

What does that look like in numbers? Well, we have;

  • 9,000 sites across the UK, able to serve customers from Lands End to John O’Groats.
  • 200+ Gritting team hubs to look after all of those sites, and make sure they are gritted whenever needed, who are delivering service using…
  • 800 vehicles at your service, from the largest gritters to hand spreaders, we have the right kit to suit any site. We are also primed and ready to trial the latest innovation and tech this season.
  • 50,000 tonnes of salt either in the field or at strategic storage locations across the UK, ready to be spread on our customer’s sites.
  • 25 awesome team members, who look after our customers 24/7 through the winter season, supported by…
  • 25 “alert” standby team members from across Ground Control, who support when the harshest winter weather kicks in.
  • The best, most accurate, high-density forecasting from the world-renowned Met Office means we only grit when needed.
  • A dedicated smartphone app which feeds visit data live to our customer website TotalView. This “Queens Award” winning combination provides our customers with full visibility reporting, gives confidence and assurance to evidence our first-class gritting service.

Ground Control has been keeping businesses trading 24/7 over the winter – whatever the weather – for more than fifteen years. Regardless of your service wishes or portfolio size, we will work with you to find the best Gritting and Snow Clearance packages to suit your everyday needs.

So what are you waiting for? Call us on 01277 598899, or email our team on