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Cemetery Road, Barry

Cemetery Road, Barry

Ground Control were appointed as Principal Contractor to provide 278 works, minor civils and landscaping to transform unused land adjacent to Cemetery Road, Barry into a new public park to be used by local residents for leisure and educational purposes. Along with the construction of the new park, an area of highway was realigned to improve traffic flow into the area from the nearby social housing estate.

The site, associated with the Barry Cemetery at the end of the highway, was fenced off and unused for many years. In 2008 residents fought a successful campaign to save the land from a housing association’s plans for a residential development. It was the result of a long consultation process in which the Council engaged the local community to establish what they would like the unused area to be used for. It was confirmed that the creation of a public park was what the community wanted in order to create a place for recreation, and reflection. As part of the budget for the project, the Council also wished to improve the approach to the cemetery; creating an open public highway and walkways for the pedestrians, yet keeping existing trees and some structures in the area.

Overview of Services

  • Extensive removal of waste, rubbish and debris that had collected over the years while the space was unused
  • Demolition of small building within the site
  • Resurfacing of existing road and footpaths
  • New footpath construction throughout the site
  • Fencing
  • Drainage
  • Kerb edging
  • Soft landscaping to new shrub beds including top spoil, prep planting, mulch and aftercare
  • Swale creation
  • 278 works to realign existing highway slip road; creating a safer junction for road users and pedestrians

Challenges Overcome

Throughout the design and planning stages of the project, the local community were involved. The construction of a new public open space and park area was the aspiration of the local community after a long consultation period. The work was eagerly awaited by the general public, who were expecting to receive an attractive, accessible and new open space to improve the biodiversity of their environment and enhance their local community. It was imperative that we engaged and involved residents throughout the construction works to maintain sense of involvement with the project, as well as ensure they were aware of progress on site. Communication was made via the Council’s website and social media platforms, signage on site and local media. A grand opening was held to promote the new area and gain interest from the general public.

Traffic management was required for some stages of the project to divert motorists around the highway alignment works. The road was then reopened as soon as possible to avoid minimal disruption to the local community.


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