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Ground Control's works at Daventry have focused on biodiversity enhancements and connecting a new community with nature. Extending the parkland with access routes for people to enjoy, and creating safe habitats for native wildlife to thrive.

Project overview: 

Monksmoor park is a new community development by Crest Nicholson created in Daventry. Ground Control has been appointed to deliver an extension to the country park that surrounds the development and provide community access to the woodland. Additional works also include the installation of street furniture, signage, and creating green spaces with meadows and hundreds of semi-mature trees planted on-site.

To support the local community, two allotment areas have also been created with communal car parks.

Scope of works: 

Throughout works, Ground Control has undertaken several biodiversity enhancement initiatives including ring barking unsafe trees, creating homes for nature, and planting wildflower meadows. 

  • Habitat Creation 

On-site several trees were identified as hazardous and were due to be felled, instead, we created a natural habitat. To achieve this our professional teams pollarded the tree to create a 'totem', which as standing deadwood is used by many species of birds, bats, bugs, and small mammals. Works are completed on-site by trained professionals to minimise any disturbances to wildlife. From this process, branches and debris are re-used to create homes for nature. 

As identified by the Woodland Trust, standing deadwood plays a critical part in ecosystems as:

The rarest kind of deadwood is that of dead trees which still stand. Dead trees can be vulnerable to high winds and the tendency for human caretakers to 'keep things tidy', but those allowed to remain in place offer incredibly valuable habitat for wildlife that can live nowhere else. Living trees may also retain large sections of deadwood.
Rin barking
Ring barking on-site at Daventry
  • Homes for Nature

Appropriate and suitable tree debris identified during clearance works are used to create log piles and habitats. These homes for nature act as shelter, food, and habitats for on-site wildlife.

This is supported by the installation of bat boxes that are connected by the planting of trees and shrubs.

Habitat for bats and birds
Habitat creation for bats and birds

Additionally, marginal and aquatic planting has been installed in new pond areas with the creation of otter islands to support native wildlife.

  • Wildflower Planting

In place of traditional grassland, wildflower meadows have been created. This creates a natural pollinator throughout the extended parkland, as well as providing aesthetic benefits within the community green spaces. Seeding of grass and varieties of wildflowers have been specifically chosen to encourage a variety of insect species to the area.

Further scope of works is all completed with a biodiversity sustainable ethos that is derived from up-to-date ISOs and highlighted by our B-Corp status including:

  • Extensive earthworks to regrade landscape and create accessible walking and access routes throughout the community.
  • Construction of a path network using blacktop and self-binding surfacing with timber edges.
  • Shrubs and trees planted throughout the site, including appropriate tree planting near the canal side to connect wildlife.
  • Installation of bespoke street furniture, signage, and rustic fencing to meet the client's aesthetic requirements.
Fencing Works
Rustic fencing installed by Ground Control

Additional works also included repair works to existing play areas and the importing and spreading of topsoil.

Ground Control's works at Daventry have focused on biodiversity enhancements and connecting a new community with nature. Extending the parkland with access routes for people to enjoy, and creating safe habitats for native wildlife to thrive.

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