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Working in partnership with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, our Landscape Architects developed a scheme to bring to life the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s ‘Diversity is Queen’ campaign as an exhibition at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024.


‘Diversity is Queen’ is an innovative campaign by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust that aims to increase the understanding of the diversity of our bumblebee species and the habitats that support them. As part of this campaign, the charity has partnered with Ground Control to exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024. The stand will allow visitors to develop their knowledge of different bumblebee species, the habitats they require to survive, and the importance of maintaining that diversity for healthy ecosystems and food security. 

Landscape Architecture / Design:

  • Developing the design to bring to life the client's concept, proposal and ideas. 
  • Undertake all detailed design for the scheme including supplier engagement and detailing.  
  • Providing on-site supervision and project management throughout the construction of the scheme.  

Procurement and Build:

  • Working with the Ground Control supply chain to source and supply all the necessary materials for the project. 
  • Procure and grow bespoke features for the stand such as the specialist wildflower and grassland habitats. 


The delivery of the project was in collaboration with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, designed for their ‘Diversity is Queen’ campaign.  

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust was established because of serious concerns about the ‘plight of the bumblebee’  

  • Their Vision is “A world where bumblebees are thriving and valued” 
  • The mission is “To increase the number and distribution of bumblebees” 

Scope of Works:

With the initial concept created by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Ground Control’s Landscape Architects developed the concept into the scheme that will be showcased at Chelsea. This final proposal contains all of the key design features to showcase the diversity of habitats that support our bumblebees with the features procured through Ground Control’s supply chain and partners.  

Once designed and procured, the exhibition will be constructed on-site in the run-up to the 2024 Chelsea Flower Show by Ground Controls design and construction team.  

Scheme Overview

Working with the initial concept from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and aiming to highlight a rich tapestry of landscapes in an exhibition space of just 3m by 8m, the scheme explores both a traditional cottage garden and natural UK Landscapes that support some of our rarest bumblebee species.  

Visitors to the stand will be able to experience both landscapes as they walk through the exhibition and take inspiration back to their sites and properties.  

Design Features: Traditional Cottage Garden 

Upon entering the exhibition, visitors will arrive in a traditional cottage garden that creates a space that is rich in colour and food sources for bumblebees as well as providing valuable spaces for both people and nature to enjoy.  

The key features include:  

    • Vegetable Growing & Greenhouse | This is importantly included alongside a traditional vegetable bed to showcase the importance of natural pollinators on UK crops, specifically highlighting the unique role of the bumblebee as the only insect that is capable of pollinating tomato plants.  
    • Habitat Bench | The feature is an example of how design can fulfil a need for people, whilst supporting still nature. The habitat bench provides nesting opportunities for invertebrates and bumblebees in a space that is otherwise underutilised for nature, whilst providing a restful and calm place within the garden for people.  
    • Dandelion Lawn | This unique feature breaks the stigma of dandelions as weeds and creates an impactful and dramatic lawn that also supports pollinators. This feature can be replicated on sites with clover, wildflower meadows and other nature-positive solutions available for lawn areas.  
    • Traditional Dry Stone Walling | Replicating the environs of the Yorkshire Moorland, the wall shows how traditional landscaping can interact with the surrounding environments alongside complementing the re-creation of a Moorland habitat, vital for supporting our Bilberry Bumblebee.  

Design Features: Natural UK Landscapes 

Moving out of the cottage garden, the scheme design seamlessly allows visitors to explore three further landscapes that represent the habitats of some of our rarest bumblebee species. This showcases the campaign ‘Diversity is Queen’ in action in a Scottish Machair Landscape, Moorland landscape and Species Rich Grassland.  

    • Scottish Machair Landscape | As the last remaining habitat for the Great Yellow Bumblebee, this area replicates the fertile landscape and wildflowers of the western shores of northern Scotland and Ireland. It includes flower species such as Knapweed, Yellow Rattle and Kidney Vetch which provide food and shelter for UK pollinators. This can be replicated as a wildflower meadow, using the appropriate wildflower for the environment and site.  
    • Species-Rich Grassland Meadows | Found only in southern England and Wales, the scarce Shrill carder bumblebee relies on a habitat of species-rich grasslands and meadows. The design brings together native wildflowers into an undulating meadow, a key habitat as explained in our blog ‘Fields of Dreams: Understanding Meadows’. 
    • Moorland Landscape | A vital habitat supporting localised and declining populations of the Bilberry Bumblebee that is found almost exclusively on moorland in association with stands of Bilberry. The design seeks to replicate the moorland landscapes of Yorkshire with species including Gorse, Heather, Bilberry and Cowberry. 

Planting the right species in the right environment is a principle replicated across Ground Control. From our habitat banks created for BNG (Biodiversity Net Gain) units to our Environmental Recovery Centres, we ensure that proposals are for nature. 


As part of the project, Ground Control is responsible for procuring the materials and plants for the scheme. This includes creating specialist habitats, that in conjunction with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, have been plug-planted and grown to ensure the correct species composition that is reflective of the habitats. These have been grown specifically for the event off-site and will be planted in situ during the exhibition creation at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024.  

Working in partnership with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, our Landscape Architects developed a scheme to bring to life the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s ‘Diversity is Queen’ campaign as an exhibition at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024.

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