Ground Control is now a member of the Railway Mental Health Charter (RMHC).  

The RMHC is a proposed framework, delivered through key action steps, that have been formed to lead, advise, and underpin organisational efforts to create awareness, support positive mental health, provide access to support services, and reduce stigma in the workplace.

The charter and its actions have been developed with the understanding that different companies in the industry may present different levels of maturity in mental health management. 

Mental health well-being is a priority for Ground Control as an employer that aims to put people at the heart of everything. As a principal contractor for Network Rail, a significant proportion of our employees are from the rail sector.

Signing the RMHC charter is important to us as a supplier to the rail sector and from a wider organizational perspective. We endeavour to be leaders in mental health wellbeing. Still, with symptoms sometimes hard to detect, we appreciate that there is always more to learn and do when supporting employees, especially when many work around the clock in inaccessible locations.
The RMHC focuses on the discrete needs and concerns of rail workers, where thousands of people do critical roles to facilitate the health, safety, and well-being of society but may rarely see or converse with their wider sector colleagues.
The charter also enables us as an organisation to delve deeper into the complex needs of our employees. At Ground Control, we have a range of services to support people experiencing mental health issues. We look forward to working closely with the Railway Mental Health Charter and continuing to support our people.

Austin Brown, Infrastructure Director, Ground Control

The charter will be reviewed yearly, in light of feedback from the industry and good practice, ensuring learning is shared and adaptions are made to respond to changing industry needs. An organisation's progress in the RMHC actions will be self-measured on an action planner.

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