As part of the ongoing works at Waterbeach Barracks to create a new and thriving community with Urban&Civic, we take a look at the Eco10Li Welfare Unit. The unit has been used on-site throughout works, and is part of the Urban&Civic’s commitment to putting a “sustainable value at the heart of what we do”.

    The Eco10Li mobile welfare unit provides modern welfare facilities, comprising a separate canteen/welfare room, drying room, and WC all for up to 10 people.

In 2022 Ground Control used the Eco10Li mobile welfare unit on-site, and over the 43-week period was only required to be refueled six times. This low refueling rate is a result of the sustainability measures built into the unit, which includes smart on-demand power generation. This means with a fully operational kitchen, welfare, and office facilities, the Eco welfare unit can run silently on green energy for up to 75% of the time.

The overall impact of this will be measured on the completion of the project, but this setup can: 

  • Reduce fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions by up to 15x
  • Reduce noise pollution by using solar energy backed up with a super silent 6kVa diesel engine generator

The welfare unit was welcomed by the operational team and received positive feedback on its comfortable facilities and smart design.

Sustainable high standards are also seen with a perfect 45/45 score in the Considerate Constructors audit, which looks at ‘Respect for the Community’, ‘Care for the Environment’, and ‘Value their Workforce’ from an independent organisation.

The ECOXLi from Welfare Hire can also be seen at the Wildfell Centre for Environmental Recovery, providing welfare facilities for volunteers. 

ECOXLi on site at Wildfell


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