This week is 'National Apprenticeship Week 2023', a week that brings together businesses and apprentices across the country to shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses, and the wider economy.

    In celebration of this, we caught up with five of Ground Control’s apprentices in different stages of their programmes to discuss their experiences.

We spoke with Digital and Technology Solutions Apprentice, Charlie, Horticulture Operative Apprentice Danny, Horticultural Operative Apprentice, Tom, Business Administrator Apprentice Georgia, and Trees and Timber Apprentice, Laura.

Charlie, what apprenticeship are you doing at Ground Control and what does this cover?

I am in the final semester of a level 6, Digital and Technology Solutions integrated degree apprenticeship, specialising in data analytics. It’s a 4-year higher education programme that integrates academic and work-based learning. The course builds upon the core aspects of a computer science degree, tailoring the skills toward workplace application. I have covered topics such as: Big Data and BI, Programming, Cyber security, Service management.
I am currently working on my EPA (end point assessment), where I’m looking to reduce Ground Control’s carbon emission production through route optimisation. This is great as it fits well with Ground Control’s environmental focus.

Danny, what do you do on a day-to-day basis in your job within the IT Team at Ground Control?

I am based on a client’s site full-time in the Warrington area. It’s a large, varied estate which is great as this means there is lots of different work to do daily. I get involved in lots of hedge cutting, strimming, and grass cutting but there is also plenty of planting as well and recently we have been planting trees in the community garden on site.
We also cover Winter maintenance and gritting of the car parks and pathways when it’s cold which is hard work, but a valuable part of the service offered by Ground Control to our clients. We regularly receive company wide information on Health and Safety and Toolbox talks via our site tablet which keeps us up to date on best practice and ways of working.

Georgia, what is the best part of your job?

Definitely my team! They have been so welcoming, helpful, and patient with me, especially with the more complicated compliance focused work. My manager has been amazing giving me plenty of time to get my course done each week even when we are busy.

Laura, what advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into an Arb related apprenticeship like yours?

Be prepared to work hard. You don’t realise how hard it can be at times but it’s worth it. Just have a go and try it if you can or try to find someone already in the industry who can talk to you about tree surgery and forestry to give you an insight.

Tom, What do you enjoy outside of work?

As I start early in the morning, I finish earlier than most jobs, so this gives me plenty of time in the evening to do things which is great. I like socialising with friends and going to gigs. I also make sure that my notes are up to date for college and that I understand everything that I have covered in the week before.

To hear more from any of our apprentices interviews, click CharlieDanny, Tom, Georgia, or Laura. Or click here to find out more about our apprenticeship opportunities.

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