Indoor plant services

Here at Ground Control, we provide a complete range of indoor plant and flower display services to businesses and workplaces.

Beautiful green plants enliven and improve any space. As well as looking great, plants bring many other benefits. By adding plants to your workplace, you help support the well-being of your people. Plants are proven to boost mood and productivity, and as part of your overall well-being strategy can help attract and retain staff.

Planting can be used to reduce ambient noise and demarcate spaces to provide additional privacy. 

As horticulture experts, we know plants, and we provide the full service, of designing, installing, and maintaining plants for your workplace, making it easy for you to get the results you want. 

We also provide plants and greenery for hospitality venues such as restaurants and bars, creating relaxing green spaces for customers that complement your brand.

Plants for offices

Sustainable planting for your space.

We select the best and most sustainable planting for your space, taking into consideration light levels and interior design to create stunning plant displays. Our professional, trained plant technicians make regular visits to carry out ongoing care and maintenance, ensuring your plants look great and stay healthy. 

With a huge variety of plants to choose from; from desktop plants to large floor-standing plants, living pictures, green walls, or moss walls, let us guide you through the process and design the perfect planting schemes for you. 

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Talk to us about Internal Planting

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