Make it Wild, is a project that encourages greater knowledge and understanding of the natural world so that people can share in the beauty of the wild spaces that they are creating. They also offer online sales of eco-friendly, plastic-free gifts and accessories, and dedications of trees and ‘pieces of nature. All profits are then re-invested in nature reserve projects.

Ground Control’s Evergreen Fund and Make-it-Wild recently joined forces, by creating a ‘Super-Hedge’ at Dowgill Grange, Nidderdale along nearly 200 metres of an external boundary of Dowgill Grange.  A total of 5,700 trees and shrubs were planted by volunteers from Make-it-Wild, Ground Control and local residents. The project will produce an excellent source of food and home for nesting birds as well as a prime habitat for small mammals. The intention will be to not cut this hedge at all but, instead, allow it to grow out, further enhancing its benefit to the local ecology.

Chris Neave, Directors, Make-it-Wild, said: 

This dense planting of 5,700 trees in an enclosed area of under 2,000 m2 should have quite an impact –providing a long shelter belt with plentiful habitat for wildlife and soaking up excess surface water, said Chris Neave, Directors, Make-it-Wild.

View the tree-planting photo journal at Dowgill Grange here


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