In May, Ground Control’s Hinkley Connection Project Team were proud to receive a National Grid Recognition Award for becoming Carbon Neutral earlier this year.

The award was presented to Ground Control by National Grid’s Russell Hancock, SHESQ Manager for the Hinkley  Connection Project, in recognition of Ground Control Ltd becoming one of the first of National Grid’s suppliers to gain Carbon Neutral status.

The Carbon Neutral Status and Recognition Award from National Grid goes along side Ground Control’s other amazing achievements this Spring:

These awards are underpinned by the hard work over the past 18 months by the Project Team, where Ground Control has delivered the design and build landscape construction of over landowner 130 sites and National Grid’s new infrastructure over the Hinkley Connection Project which covers an area which is 57 km long by 6km wide from Bridgewater to Bristol.

Ground Control is collaborating extensively with National Grid, 5 Local Authorities and 6 other Principal Contractors to ensure the delivery of the Landscape requirements through the Development Consent Order (high level planning). Ground Control have been involved in the process from the pre-construction design work, which allows other construction contractors to start on site, through to the delivery of the landscape construction work, facilitating the sign off of the Hinkley Connection project in 2025.

The Landscape Construction work to date has included:

  • Planting – 1414 nr Semi Mature Trees, 7098 Lin m of Hedgerow 52,339.1 m2 of Woodland
  • 16,000 Lin m of stock fencing and over 400 nr Stiles/Gates.
  • Watering and Maintenance of the 130 sites completed to date.

The project has also earnt an NPS client score of “50” which translates to “Excellent” and separately measured Landowner delivery satisfaction of 4.4 out of 5.

CSR is also very important to Ground Control to give into the local community and as a Project Team we have volunteered, £50,000 towards high quality CSR community projects alongside National Grid, to deliver high quality open spaces to deserving communities along-side the project itself.

The Ground Control’s Project Team’s philosophy is not just delivering a project well for National Grid; Ground Control is creating a legacy with National Grid on the Hinkley Connection Project  to leave the environment in a better place than it was found in the South West by 2025.

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