Did you know that 10,000,000,000 Business cards are produced each year? 88% of them, a whopping 8.8 BILLION, are thrown away within the week of being given out.

Sounds incredibly inefficient and wasteful, right? Well at Ground Control we have committed to removing this waste completely by introducing Haystack, the digital business card management app.

Haystack will replace a traditional paper card. Going digital helps you and the people you want to share details with manage your contacts, aggregating your personal details and links onto one page and reducing your environmental footprint. The information can instantly be added to a phone or Outlook contacts, making it much easier to save details. It is also much safer in the current pandemic to share a contact-free business card with contacts.

This is another small step towards sustainability and our carbon-neutral targets for the future. Not only will it reduce the amount of trees being cut down for disposable paper consumption but Haystack will also plant one tree for every Business Card account activated (around 100,000 every month!) to help reverse the trends.

The project is already reaching completion with Ground Control employees having shared their card an average of 5.6 times each.

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