Reducing carbon emissions by creating an orchid protection zone at Cardiff Bay Retail Park

Working with JLL and Cardiff City Council, we will create an Orchid Protection Zone by creating;

  • Grass Edges Roadside - a strip of grass will be cut to provide a neat appearance of the site framing the orchid and other wildflower species that will emerge.
  • Central Grass Zones – all central grass zones will be allowed to grow through the season. The wildflower species will be able to flower and set seed for filling their life cycle. Late August/Early September, all grass and wildflowers will be cut and collected from the site.
  • The Orchid Protection Zones have an open sward with a low percentage of grass that has allowed the growth of natural wildflower species.
  • Wildflower species within sward include, but are not limited to, Bee Orchids, Pyramid Orchids, Broad Leaf Helleborine, and Common Broom Rape.

The environmental benefits:

  • The proposed grass zone will link Cardiff’s pollinating highway joining Cardiff Councils nearby nature reserves.
  • The use of battery-powered tools will reduce carbon emissions further.
  • The longer this management style continues, the great number of wildflowers will grow within the sward.