Peter  Brown
Peter Brown
Commercial Operations Manager
11 Oct 2021

Ground Control’s Winter Commercial Operations Manager, Peter Brown discusses with Ian Collins, talkRADIO host, on the issue that gritter lorries could be hit by a shortage of HGV drivers this year putting people at risk of driving on icy roads this winter.

Having salt on the ground is extremely important to ensure the country keeps moving, at Ground Control we do it proactively by putting salt on the ground before the temperature drops to ensure the sites stay open and safe, if you’re not getting the drivers to provide that service then councils are going to have to make some decisions on which roads get gritted, that can only mean that they will be some roads that won’t and potentially some roads that get a reduced amount of service.

We’re always preparing in our team for the season every year ‘every day is winter’ preparing and optimising our routes, we are a sustainable business looking to ensure we’re reducing our carbon footprint, we’ve been carbon neutral since March this year. We’ve taken 250,000 miles of travel off our routes by doing that work, that’s 160 tonnes of carbon we’ve taken off our roads.

Ground Control has enough drivers because our teams are all lined up and ready to go.

We have a resilient package and plan in place, so we’ve got more than enough drivers over 12,000 sites for our customers across the UK. We are growing all the time but despite this, we always make sure that our drivers have the right machinery, equipment, and training to do that work.

Our guys are ready to go we’re just waiting for the temperatures to drop.


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