The latest updates from Ground Control.

The latest updates from Ground Control.

A Day In The Life Of Our Winter Gritting Team

A Day In The Life Of Our Winter Gritting Team

By Ian Morehouse, Special Projects Director

Feb 10th, 2020

As Special Projects Director I recently had the opportunity to join David who leads one of our gritting operation teams in Leeds.

David and I set off for our gritting run with a drive to York and our first customer was a national supermarket. The store was in a built up area with a compact and tight car park. Lights on, gritter on and around we go. It was a smooth operation and David was cautious and courteous, always mindful of pedestrians and customer vehicles of course.

It definitely got colder throughout the evening and by the end of our run there was a real bite in the air. The weather lately has been very changeable and the service we provide really helps protect the wellbeing of the public.  David and I discussed that while people may not notice the gritting, this is a vital service which allows the public to go about their daily life more safely throughout the winter months.

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After our first step, our next stop was a well-known museum.  This was a complicated site with a lot of access gates, carparks and pedestrian walkways. David was in and out of the vehicle many times to ensure the paths were all covered with some hand gritting. As the car park was in use late at night, there were many cars to take care of which meant care and attention was vital.

Our third stop was a large university where we were responsible for gritting most of the private roads and carparks.  This is vital to ensure buses, cars, bicycles and pedestrians can move safely around the campus. This is an involved job and we are on site well over an hour.

Gritting Ground Control

Fourth stop is another national supermarket; again we log in, do our safety checks, and cover the customer parking and service access.  Next it was on to a retail park where we again we did the service yards and all the car parking. The final visit for the night was a brand-new leisure park where the carparks are still in progress of being built but people are using it to gain access to a cinema.  After the last customer, we set off for the yard to safely return the vehicle and for David to head home for a well-earned rest.

Ground Control offers a reliable winter grounds maintenance service to sites across the UK, and is one of the Met Office’s largest private customers.

We keep commercial sites safe and fit for purpose all year round, and also provide weather forecasting and monitoring from various providers to help you plan ahead. This season we have gritted over 100,000 commercial sites across Britain.

If we can help you or your business ensure your safety and ability to operate through the winter, please get in touch:

Tel: 0845 334 5606

Alternatively contact:

Ian Morehouse
Special Projects Director
Tel: 07568 303175  

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