The latest updates from Ground Control.

The latest updates from Ground Control.

Conserving the character of historic sites across Britain

  • Specialist teams, dedicated to the sensitivities of historic properties
  • Wide-ranging maintenance solutions to suit any site
  • Bespoke scheduling to meet your site requirements

Historic Properties Experience

Preserving the quality and character of historic sites is second nature to Ground Control. We currently maintain English Heritage sites, Royal Museums Greenwich, Houghton Lodge and multiple Scottish historical ruins. Our aim is to uphold high standards of conservation by maintaining and managing historic grounds with professionalism and always with a deep understanding of the value of these sites.

We have specialist teams dedicated to working alongside the public to cause minimal disruption, and all measures are taken to prevent damage to any existing buildings, fences, gates, walls, roads and other site features.

Our historic properties grounds maintenance services include:

  • Vegetation Management
  • Pruning of Climbing Plants
  • Historic Site Refurbishment & Restoration
  • Ecological Services to Maintain Biodiversity
  • Handling of Complex Projects
  • Preservation of Landscape Character

All grass that edges ruins or any historic stonework are strimmed and not edged-off with a half moon, and protective barriers are erected to prevent damage to any historic fabrics.

To discover more about Ground Control’s nationwide services, please contact our friendly team today – we’re happy to discuss your service needs and offer advice.

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