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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Working With Tesco To Improve Our Communities

Working With Tesco To Improve Our Communities

Ground Control Pilgrims HospiceGround Control’s Maintenance team has been working in partnership with Tesco on a community project to improve the outdoor spaces at Pilgrim’s Hospice in Ashford.

As part of improvement works, Ground Control undertook tree work across the site, cutting and reducing shrubs around the perimeter, as well as hedging overgrown bushes around the site entrance.

Other works included gutter clearance, varnishing of wheelchair ramps and total refurbishment of balconies, including the cladding and painting to make areas more pleasant to patients and visitors to enjoy.

The hands-on support of Tesco and Ground Control has saved the charity an enormous £28,000 in maintenance costs, meaning that the Hospice can continue focusing resources on patient care.

Ground Control’s Contracts Manager, James Hilsden, and Senior Key Account Manager, Mandy Campbell, attended the recent celebration at Pilgrims Hospice, where the charity gave thanks to all involved.

James Hilsden said:

“It was a pleasure to be involved in this project. We really enjoyed participating and it was great to know that we have made a difference to the residents and families of the hospice.”

Other community projects we have engaged in with Tesco include tidying a village green in Kinson, revamping a local scout hut, brightening up Newmarket High Street and helping to save Britain’s most endangered amphibian.