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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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What happens to fallen trees?

What happens to fallen trees?


According to the Forestry Commission, statistics proved that there are over 3 million hectares of woodland spread across the UK accounting for 13% of the total land area. With such vast areas of woodland, it is inevitable that some trees are felled. This can occur from natural causes or human intervention, but what happens when they fall?

Tree decomposition is a term that is often greeted with a feel of negativity but is actually a natural process that is essential for the continuous growth of our ecosystem. It is the first stage in the recycling of nutrients that have been used by an organism. These dead trees are broken down into simpler organic forms that are the food source for many of the species at the base our ecosystems. However, it is not all good news as a fallen tree can cause a variety of issues in the rail and utility sectors.

Rail and Utility Arboriculture

Rail disruptions have become a major feature in the media in recent times and our Rail Arborists have been doing their utmost to minimise detrimental impacts from fallen trees. Our Rail Arb Contracts Manager, James Hanna, highlighted the various challenges and rewards when working in the rail industry;

“The reality of my job is that it is 24 hours a day. You need to be available for multiple clients, especially within the transport industry where a single incident can lead to a backlog of delays across a whole network. Despite it being an endless task to ensure the smooth operation of multiple client tracks and access routes, I know I am making a difference for thousands of people commuting each day.”

It is not just the rail industry that benefits from our pro-active and reactive Arboricultural works. Our role in the Utilities sector helps to keep people connected right the way across the UK. Utilising our unique WOODPLAN tree management software, we provide essential real time information for our clients, including WPD and UKPN.

Power cuts can cause considerable damage even if occurring for short periods of time; therefore, our reactive works are essential to repairing these outages. Adverse weather conditions can result in multiple trees affecting power lines but our experienced teams are spread throughout the country to swiftly restore power.

Design and Build

DSC07034 this one

It is not just our Arborists that have been working with trees as our Construction team recently installed this giant conker! The two tonne sculpture formed part of the redevelopment project at Oxhey park, which went on to pick up a Green Flag Award.

This is one of many Design & Build projects that we have completed. Works at Payers Park and East Lancashire Hospice have also produced incredible results featuring a collaboration of our Design, Arboricultural and Ecological works. We put the environment at the forefront of our minds in everything we do, providing innovative and creative landscape solutions that respond to the inherent qualities of each unique site we work on.