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The Benefits of Trees

The Benefits of Trees

By Alan Richardson, Senior Arboriculturist at Ground Control

Trees are an important part of our everyday life, providing many benefits not only for the environment but also for our health, wellbeing and the wider community.

Trees and Your Health

In one year, two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four and removes pollution from the air, providing a healthy environment for communities with areas for recreation and exercise. Research shows that living near trees promotes wellbeing, improves mental health and reduces stress. Research suggests that living in an area with lots of trees can prolong a lifespan by 7 years.

Improves Community

A greener environment makes for a better living and working environment. Trees help to create welcoming areas within our town centres, encouraging people to visit and stay for prolonged periods and workers who have views of trees feel happier, aiding increased performance and production output, helping the economy. Trees are proven to increase property value; owning a house on a street lined with trees increases the value of a property by 5-7%!  Streets and parks with trees also look better cared for and have increased footfall, providing a deterrent against crime and anti-social behaviour.

Supports Wildlife

It’s well known that trees provide homes and food for birds and other animals, as well as habitat corridors from one area to another. Ground Control are Arboricultural Association approved contractors, and it is our responsibility to ensure that work to trees is not detrimental to their long term health, subject to biological/phenological requirements and species type. During bird nesting season it should be assumed that nesting birds will be present and therefore it is our duty to take the necessary precautions. As such we are able to undertake Tree work during this time as strict protocols are followed.

Our work with trees

Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) is a method of tree diagnosis that is used world-wide and is legally accepted.  It interprets the body language of trees, linking internal defects such as mechanical faults, pathogens, pest and disease, to the tree’s own repair-structures, assessing them and deducing measures for remedial action. It helps to avoid unnecessary felling and also accidents caused by tree failure.

VTAs, alongside Ground Control’s in-house tree management system “Woodplan” and expert team of arboriculturists, can facilitate a proactive tree management system ensuring a client’s duty of care and prioritise work to enable budget planning.

Over time the associated efficiencies and cost savings of proactive management alongside the social, environmental, economic and ecological benefits that come from a diverse, healthy tree population with assured longevity for the future will ultimately benefit landowners, businesses and society.

Stewart Wardrop, Arboricultural Association CEO, said: “As an Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor, Ground Control has demonstrated the ability to achieve arboricultural excellence by completing the rigorous assessment standards. Their accreditation represents the capability to work to best practice, achieve higher levels of knowledge and skill, and an ambition to promote and raise the professional standards of the industry.”

“The Arboricultural Association endorses Ground Control’s message and echoes the importance of promoting the benefits of trees, so that they may be viewed as assets rather than liabilities in the future.”