The latest updates from Ground Control.

The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Teams continue to mechanise for safer and efficient working

Teams continue to mechanise for safer and efficient working

With the launch of Ground Control’s mechanised arboriculture division last year, we have been able to offer our customers improved efficiency, quality and safer working practices.

Using such equipment, we provide our customers with the simplest solutions to their vegetation management needs. A driver for health and safety; the mechanised capability is core to keeping Ground Control’s operatives safe, omitting the need for manual handling in what can be a dangerous environment.

Ground Control’s arboriculture team recently utilised mechanic equipment to safely remove a fallen oak tree from a pond, illiminating the need for operatives to enter the water with chainsaws. It is this way of working; understanding the scope of works and considering the health implications, that we can plan to reduce risk of injury by reducing physical contact with the works at hand.

Thorn strikes are another issue where teams are seeking improvement to further reduce the risk of manual handling. Following a recent thorn strike on an operative, and understanding the impacts of these associated works, Site Manager Craig Lovell made alternative arrangements, organising machinery to extract heavy timber from site to remove the manual handling of the logs.

Craig commented; “The operator told me that he uses the machine to feed the chipper, so going forward if I have any sites which require thorn removal I will be using this type of plant to remove the need of handling thorns. The machine also has a mulcher attachment to use on thorns/saplings and small scrub like buddleia, to save staff constantly bending down to cut vegetation at the base. I will be utilising this machine where ever possible.

By understanding the scope of works and the impacts, we can make some really good planning decisions to simplify works, help prevent injury and protect our workforce. ”


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