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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Record Breaking Gritting Visits

Record Breaking Gritting Visits


EWMT 2014-15Ground Control’s Winter Maintenance department has reached record breaking numbers with the most gritting visits ever in a season, and we still have a month and half to go…

Covering thousands of sites nationwide with the continually changing weather and many severe weather warnings throughout the season, it is essential that our teams are on-point and providing the seamless service that our clients require. Ground Control were the first UK Winter Maintenance provider to be awarded the Met Office’s ‘Gold Quality Mark’ for our systems and service, this combined with the Met Offices premier ‘High Density’ forecasting service means we have been able to stay one step ahead in our service planning, to ensure we are keeping our customers safe and delivering the seamless service we pride ourselves on.

To mark this occasion we took a few words from people involved in winter maintenance:

Paul Mathews,  winter maintenance team operating in Essex – “The best year so far, salt deliveries on the nose, self-billing fantastic, exceptional service from the team in the office, it’s always been good but this year A1 – Couldn’t fault it.”

Lizzie Bucknell, Operational Systems Manager – “I am delighted that our systems and teams have held up so well under the pressure of delivering so many jobs.”

Peter Brown, our Senior Winter Maintenance Manager says – “In my fifth season of winter maintenance I believe that our service has never been in better shape. We have a dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable workforce both on the ground, nightshift operations and with my team here in the office. I feel confident that our clients have never been happier, and the best thing –  No matter what mother nature throws our way, I’m confident that we’ve got winter covered!”

Nic Tan, Contracts Manager involved in running critical nightshift operations – “All teams have performed really well with each team being critical to successful delivery of the works. We’ve had a few sleepless nights and some funny accents to try and understand along the way, but all in all it’s been a good season.”

Sophie Whitby, Contracts Administrator involved in running critical nightshift operations – “The number really does show our hard work, the day and night staff makes an awesome team! Everything was dealt with quickly and efficiently. It was great to be a part of it, even in my heavy-eyed state.”

Andy Simpson, our Winter Maintenance Operations Manager – “I am delighted with the success and praise everyone for their hard work, particularly the teams new to our service this year who made such a fantastic start.”

Karen shared a few words about the winter weather in Scotland – “After a quiet start to the season, we have made up for it during January, breaking all previous records. We had a total of 7094 gritting visits in the month – which is more than the total for the entire season last year!  Our season total to the end of January is an amazing 12279 visits. The teams have worked long and hard to reach these figures – a big thank you to all of my gritting teams and to the girls in the office for their hard work.”

Jay Hancocks Contracts Director – “Everybody should be hugely proud of the part they play. Successful delivery of our winter services is dependent on the hard work and dedication of so many people, from the teams on the ground to the people in the offices and everybody in between, each of whom is crucial to operations.”


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