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Protecting worker respiratory health

Protecting worker respiratory health

2014-11-13 16.42.23

Ground Control’s National HSQE Compliance Manager and Kent Health & Safety Publicity Officer, Mark Curry, recently attended the IOSH Respiratory Health Seminar. The event aimed to raise awareness of respiratory related health issues, along with promoting the Kent Health and Safety group to all attendees.

Mark was joined by Kent’s Principal HSE Inspector and President, Mike Walters (pictured), Colin Northgate, Chairperson and David Nicholson, Secretary for the Kent Health and Safety Group. The event also featured speakers from a variety of other Health & Safety leaders and informed attendees of the various Health & Safety groups available across the UK, including Health & Safety UK.

Following on from the introduction of Ground Control’s Face-Fit Testing scheme, Mark was pleased to be able to relay the message on the importance of respiratory health through the IOSH Seminar;

“Many people dismiss respirational issues as being ‘one of those things’ as you get older or lose fitness, overlooking the fact that they may have a condition requiring medical support. We have already highlighted the issues of silica dust exposure and this event was designed to raise occupational Health & Safety awareness as well as that of the various Health & Safety groups available.”


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