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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Preparing Your Business for Winter | Gritting & Snow Clearance

Preparing Your Business for Winter | Gritting & Snow Clearance

If you want to ensure that your business can run throughout winter with the essential flow of work and site traffic happening seamlessly – then it’s essential that you prepare for the winter weather. You never know, it could be the worst weather imaginable with reputable suppliers turning your appeals down for fear of diluting the supply chain in base for existing customers. This leaving you at the mercy of unscrupulous service providers who will help – but only at a huge premium.

Saving Money with Winter Maintenance

Extreme weather can have a huge impact on your business, whether you deliver or receive services at your location or serve as a hub for employees. Long lasting weather events can have subsequently larger ramifications for the unprepared businesses as clients turn to those businesses that can deliver. There is the added risk of the customer staying with the new supplier for the long term reassurance of guaranteed ongoing delivery

Employer Responsibility in Winter

In addition to issues when closing premises, as an employer, you are responsible for ensuring your workplace is safe. This means that all premises need to be cleared of snow and ice as much as ‘reasonably practical’ in the eyes of the law – you don’t need to overspend to deliver this, only to have assessed risks and have a reasonable solution in place for the needs of the business. This will help to keep your people safe and prevent any potential personal injury claims.

Gritting to keep your premises operating and safe

Gritting is the most cost effective and efficient method of delivering your winter maintenance. Your gritting can be tailored around your preferences and budget, priced to correctly reflect the size of your premises. The easiest solution is to set up a proactive gritting and snow clearance service to ensure that your staff and site visitors can safely gain access to your premises.

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