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Ploughing through winter

Ploughing through winter

As we gear up for winter, Ground Control has once again moved to use the very latest technology to deliver an improved service this winter through our delivery of new and unique snow ploughs.

Teaming up with Mark Woricker of Agritrend, the new v-shaped snow plough includes a centrally pivoted hydraulic control for easier side-shifting and shunting of heavy snow. The new ploughs are a significant improvement in comparison to their straight counterparts.

The new ploughs’ central pivot enables them to effectively “cup” snow and move it around tight spaces such as car parks and other maintenance locations. Winter Maintenance teams often have the capability to clear snow but it is not always as easy to get the equipment in place to begin with. The new ploughs’ flexibility allows them to fold up and gain access in otherwise restricted areas.

Winter Operations Manager, Andy Simpson, is delighted with the new equipment;

“The new ploughs are fantastic. From the improved manoeuvrability when maintaining sites with limited access to actually making the job of shifting the snow easier than ever before, the new ploughs are another forward step for Ground Control. We are always looking to incorporate the latest technologies into our business and these new ploughs are a further testament to our forward thinking mentality.”

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