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Oak Processionary Moth

Oak Processionary Moth

Oak Processionary Moth NestGround Control has been undertaking control treatments for Oak Processionary Moth for the last 3 years as it spreads across North Surrey and South London.

The oak processionary is a moth whose caterpillars can be found in oak forests. The Moth was restricted to West London for 10 years but due to imported Oak trees with eggs present, it has spread across London and has been found in Bromley and even the Olympic Park on trees planted for the games.

The moth’s caterpillar are a public health problem and needs to be controlled as it causes problems that range from a rash to allergic reactions, which can in many cases result in breathing difficulties.

We have been treating trees for Thames Water in the Pangbourne water treatment works for 3 years using the method developed a RBG Kew. This involves treating the nests with pesticide and spray glue. The team must be wearing full PPE when carrying out the treatment, and involves the use of a mobile platform to access the tree. A environmental approach has been developed using a bacteria sprayed on to the tree at high pressure.

Ground Control, has been using a new system in the last few weeks to treat the caterpillars on an infestation at Thames Water sites in Walton on Thames. This involves micro injection of pesticide into the base of the tree which is them taken up by the tree in the sap into the leaves. The caterpillars then absorb the pesticide from the leaves. This system has been tried in the USA with great success and little impact on the environment.

We are currently monitoring the results of the treatment.

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