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Mark Curry Awarded at VINCI Facilities Supplier Safety Conference

Mark Curry Awarded at VINCI Facilities Supplier Safety Conference

VINCI Supplier Safety ConferenceVINCI Facilities awards Ground Control’s National HSQE Compliance Manager, Mark Curry, for continued support and contribution.

Mark Curry recently attended VINCI Facilities Supplier Safety Conference as a guest speaker to support VINCI’s chosen theme of “Working and Behaving Safely Even When No One is Looking.”

Mark’s invitation to speak at the Conference in Suffolk’s Millennium Centre, follows his well-received presentation at last year’s event on the Injury Avoidance Programme. Mark was awarded for his continued support and contribution to VINCI’s Annual Safety Supplier Conference by Managing Director Tony Raikes, who presented the STEP UP (Safety Through Everyone’s Participation) award prior to Mark’s presentation.

As part of his presentation, Mark spoke out about the rise of social media, demonstrating astonishing figures that highlight how much we are in the public eye. Safe or not, someone is always watching. A key discussion point was protection from physical injury. Pulling from personal experience, Mark explained how a friend of his who worked alone on site for years, had removed the safety guard from a cement mixer as it was causing slight discomfort during use. He became complacent, and with no one around to correct this unsafe act, ended up losing half his finger.

Now with a small disability, he lives with pain every day; something that could have been prevented by working and behaving safely.

Mark’s personal experience highlighted how skills, knowledge and training are key in ensuring safe working, but more importantly, the need to communicate with other duty holders to ensure there is consistent safe working behaviour at all times.

Leaving the audience with a quote, Mark expressed that workforces should “do what works for you”:

“Listen to your workforce. Listen to what is going on out there and get involved with the people. Break targets down into small chunks and work on each area giving ownership and responsibility to individuals where relevant.”

Mark was delighted to have been invited to speak at the conference for a second year running:

 “It was an absolute privilege to be invited as a guest speaker, and to have involvement with a range of different suppliers and clients within the supplier safety conference. It is refreshing to share information and hear from others. I am looking forward to continuing on this journey.”