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Kim Morrish, Non-Executive Director of Ground Control Wins Kindness Award

Kim Morrish, Non-Executive Director of Ground Control Wins Kindness Award

Kim MorrishInterview from Women of The Future

The business world is quick to celebrate leaders of profitable and productive workplaces. But how often do those celebrations recognise the part played by kindness? Kindness makes business sense; it impacts outcomes, whether it be productivity, engagement or customer service. People do not forget acts of kindness.

Kind leaders change lives, transform organisations and collaborate. Kind leaders inspire creativity and productivity, share meaningful connections, and give their time so that others can give their best. By empowering others to succeed, kind leaders create an environment for the organisation as a whole to succeed. We need to recognise the contribution of these leaders to business, the economy and society.

Kim is a Non-Executive Director of Ground Control has focused on making Ground Control a great place to work, creating opportunities for professional progression and personal development and establishing an inclusive, diverse and friendly workplace.

Why is kindness essential for a leader in today’s world?

Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” With the growing population and increasingly interdependent world, kindness, conscientiousness, and compassion are critical. We all need to get along, to think and act with the best interests of stakeholders. Leaders have a unique opportunity and responsibility to model kindness and compassion and shape the very essence of how their teams, organisations and communities work, as well as that of the wider world.

In your experience, how does kindness make business sense?
In businesses, especially those relying on human capital, kindness is vital. How leaders treat, consider and invest in their people affects the operational and financial performance of the business. It directly influences the culture of business, having a major impact on commitment, dedication, engagement, collaboration, innovation, customer care, staff retention and doing the right thing.
Can you give us one example of kindness in leadership making a significant impact?
I witness acts of kindness daily, which are contagious, inspirational and have a significant impact. A young boy who helps an elderly person struggling with walking, rushed commuters who stop to comfort a stranger waiting for emergency services, managers who make time to listen to employees needing support, and leaders who consider the impact of their decisions on their people in everything they do. These small but meaningful acts of kindness influence others and spread goodwill


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