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How our snow clearance and gritting services could benefit your business

How our snow clearance and gritting services could benefit your business

winter service vehicleBad weather can grind even the most smooth-running operation to a standstill. Snow and ice can strike at a moment’s notice, and if your business or property is unprepared for the onslaught, this could cause interruptions to services, present dangers to user safety, and result in significant costs to your business.

Simply by ensuring you have a reliable company on hand to deliver responsive winter weather management can put your mind at rest. Here are some of the key reasons why snow clearance and gritting services from Ground Control could benefit your business.

Enhances health and safety

Winter brings slippery surfaces that can put both visitors and vehicles at risk. And if you’re running a business, it’s your legal obligation to maintain a premises that keeps both your employees and customers safe – otherwise you could find yourself as the target of legal action. With prompt and regular winter grounds maintenance, slips and trips can be avoided, whilst also ensuring your productivity and performance remains at high standards.

Maintains high productivity

To protect its financial stability, a business should be able to function round-the-clock regardless of weather conditions. Vehicles and machines need to be able to operate effectively, and staff members should be able to easily access and move around the premises. If snow and ice are hindering your premises, productivity will likely drop. Devising a regular snow clearance and gritting programme will avoid this problem.

Offers reliable forecasts to keep you a step ahead

Here at Ground Control, we offer specialist weather forecasting services to keep business owners ahead of the game. Our professionals will help you to plan for any eventuality and keep you updated with regular data from a variety of reliable forecast providers. This way, we can devise a schedule that works for you, as well as using technology to respond quickly to adverse weather.

Avoids any DIY mishaps

It may be tempting to manage the snow and ice yourself. But techniques that work for your home or car are not always suitable for a business premises. For example, putting boiling water down on roads or pavement could result in slippage. Should an area be missed, this could catch someone unawares, and any attempt to remove snow from high places could result in potential accidents. Hiring a professional, such as Ground Control, will bypass these issues and guarantee you a safe, efficient and thorough result that keeps everyone – including yourself – completely safe.

As experts in grounds maintenance and winter safety, look no further than Ground Control to deliver winter management services across the UK. As a multi award-winning company, we have a strong reputation as a leading landscaping company for commercial clients. We offer winter maintenance, gritting and salt services, snow clearance, and weather forecasting – simply get in touch to find out more.