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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Honouring Remembrance Day | Memorial Garden Project at Frankley WTW

Honouring Remembrance Day | Memorial Garden Project at Frankley WTW

On the 20th October 2019, Trevena Landscapes, on behalf of Ground Control Ltd completed a project they had previously started to refurbish the War Memorial at Frankley WTW.C

While on a routine visit to weed the Contact Tanks at Frankley WTW, Paul Trevena (Team Owner) and Malcolm (site manager) took a walk around site to see how weed control was going on site. They spotted the remembrance area as you exit from the control room and a comment was made about how it was such a shame it had become overgrown and only had minimal maintenance. Malcolm had said it was something he had been trying to fund for extra works, with this in mind Paul offered to make the place look good again and hopefully make the site proud of this historic monument to the people that lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars.

Back in 2018 work started to tidy the area up and lift the lower tree branches with a new covering of gravel. The memorial was now open to move around and no longer full of bramble and a low trees, once again people could go to remember the fallen. We returned in 2019 to add a bench area as had always intended but got held up due to a lot of construction on site. After some cleaning, the memorial stones became fully readable again.

On 20th October, the remembrance flag was raised and the Remembrance Garden was officially handed back to Severn Trent Water.

“As Paul`s manager within Ground Control, I get a great deal of pride working with him and his team as they always show a great deal of dedication to everything they do, and nothing is ever too much trouble. They are very passionate about working on the Severn Trent Water contract and for Ground Control in general, so their generous gesture is not a surprise to me” Darren Skerritt – Contract Manager, Ground Control Ltd

“A fantastic example of a Field Team going the extra mile for our client.  I visited the Memorial garden last week and the transformation is stunning.   Wonderful gesture by Paul and his team for such a worthy cause’Stewart Harley– Regional Operations Manager, Ground Control Ltd”

“It was great to see the teams enthusiasm in supporting the renovation and the engagement they showed in the delivery of service, it was very warming to see how much they enjoyed and felt worthy in participating to restore they memorial area, you could see it meant a lot to them as it does us” Malcolm Whittaker – Site Manager, Severn Trent Water



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