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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Ground Control’s HSQE Manager and Ecologist Join Forces

Ground Control’s HSQE Manager and Ecologist Join Forces

20150528_110940_resized croppedGround Control’s National HSQE Compliance Manager Mark Curry, has been up in Scotland continuing inspections at Helix Park where we are constructing a 3.2km asphalt cycleway.

Mark was joined by Construction Managers Jon Churchill and Graeme McAllister, as well Ground Control’s Ecologist Gavin Mullan, who attended to undertake an environmental audit. The audit will feed into the Construction & Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) that will assist and direct the activities on site and offer further protection to the surrounding environment.

Gavin provided a practical approach, working alongside Mark and the Construction Managers highlighting all the sensitivities on site to ensure all the correct measures are taken to reduce the possible risks.

The new cycleway that Ground Control is constructing runs through Langlees Community Woodland and lays adjacent to the River Carron, as well as being particularly close to a large pond in one area.

Aware of the sensitive nature of this project, Gavin said:

“The large pond is home to a range of waterfowl Moorhens, Coots, Mallards, Swans and Reedbunting and various other birds. With a variety of trees offering further nesting habitat, it is absolutely vital that we have zero impact upon this important nesting site.”

Following a previous inspection, Mark saw great potential and benefits in building a link between the two managers across each of their sites. The attendance of both managers proved successful; implementing a questioning attitude towards each other’s works providing constructive feedback.

Mark was pleased with the outcome of the day:

“It was great to bring all the guys together and agree on all levels of compliance; questioning and learning about how things can be improved on each of their sites. With Gavin’s skill set relating to environmental concerns, I wanted to make the Managers totally aware of all the environmental issues, first hand. It is so important that we are working safely and correctly, along with ensuring that we are able to manage, run and produce some amazing works whatever we take on.”



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