The latest updates from Ground Control.

The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Ground Control’s Arb Division is Expanding!

Ground Control’s Arb Division is Expanding!

GC ArbGround Control’s Arboriculture department carries out work across the whole of the UK.  We focus on three key areas:

  • Utilities
  • Rail
  • Amenity

At present we are looking to recruit 20 new arb teams to join our contracts covering the East Midlands, working across all network voltages from LV to 132kv. Utility experience and UA qualifications are desirable but not essential. We expect all teams who apply to have a proven track record within their chosen arb sector.

For those teams who do not have UA experience or qualifications, we can arrange training for you at discounted rates through our network of approved UA trainers. In addition to this we also provide an experienced field based mentor to ensure that new teams are supported throughout the learning process.

Ground Control pay competitively and on time. All teams benefit from a weekly payment run and a full bank of work. If you are a hard working owner-operator, then we can offer you a great opportunity. We work with some of the UK’s leading utility and rail suppliers including Western Power Distribution, UK Power Networks and Network Rail.

With our bespoke WoodPlan vegetation management software and rugged tablet technology we make it simpler for teams to access and manage workpacks out in the field. A secondary benefit of this is that it’s easier for owners to invoice and manage works.

Get in touch today by downloading our Pre-Qualification Questionnaire here:

To assist you with your application, please refer to our Team Competency Guide, which details our basic expectations for each sector.

Then send it to  If you want to discuss this process then please call 01277 650697 and ask to speak to our New Team Co-ordinator.

Want to see more? Then watch this video! : –

Areas within the East Midlands where we are currently recruiting teams.

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