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Ground Control to install a Tranquility Garden at Newham Hospital

Ground Control to install a Tranquility Garden at Newham Hospital

Following the suspension of the Nightingale Hospital, we will now be installing a Tranquility Garden at Newham Hospital in East London in the next few weeks. We look forward to transforming the outdoor space at the hospital into an amazing retreat for their staff and patients.

By utilising our skills in designing wonderful outside spaces and as a way of saying thank you to our amazing NHS staff, during the Coronavirus pandemic, we will be designing and installing a beautiful tranquillity garden for the staff working for Barts Health NHS Trust. The tranquillity garden will provide a space for NHS staff to go to during their time at work and offer a place of comfort.

Our original plans were to offer the garden to the Nightingale hospital in East London, however, given the recent news that they are now on standby, Ground Control is continuing to support the NHS staff working at the nearby Newham Hospital. This was indeed the intended permanent home of all items sourced for the project, funded by Ground Control as well as many donations from employees, customers and suppliers. We believe this is where the garden will have the most impact, allowing staff, patients and visitors to enjoy it for many years to come, and we are sure the staff there will be very pleased to hear the garden will arrive earlier than intended.

Serving a population of more than 2.5 million people, Barts is one of the largest NHS trusts in England, providing care to some of the most deprived London boroughs including Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Newham. As you can imagine with London being the worst-hit region of the UK, Coronavirus has had a huge impact on every one of their hospitals.

We will post updates on the progress of this project over the coming weeks. We hope that together we can leave a lasting legacy for the Barts Health NHS Trust at this very difficult time, as we look to support our amazing NHS and the work it continues to do in this pandemic.

In the words of Geraldine Cunningham, Associate Director of Culture Change at Barts Health NHS Trust: “We would really love to repurpose the gardens from the Nightingale to Barts Health. We have five hospital sites and they would all benefit from an uplift. So in our recovery period all my colleagues will be able to enjoy some comfortable outside space. Thank you”

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The area we plan to transform at Newham Hospital