The latest updates from Ground Control.

The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Ground Control terminate issues at Redbridge bowling green

Ground Control terminate issues at Redbridge bowling green


Ground Control’s maintenance teams were joined by Gary Armstrong (third from left), IOG Assessor, and Neil Huck (right), National Training Manager, on the first day of their Fine Turf Training initiative.

Ground Control’s grounds maintenance teams have undertaken the first part of their Level 2 Fine Turf Training initiative delivered by the Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG). Groundsmen from the Tower of London, the National Maritime Museum and Redbridge Council were present to take on the advice and expert knowledge to improve our service and spread the message to all our teams across the country.

Ground Control National Training Manager and ELCA Vice-President, Neil Huck, worked alongside the IOG to further educate our teams with regards to fine turf maintenance services we provide.

The first day of training took place at the Seven Kings Bowling Club, a surface Ground Control has been maintaining since being awarded a long term contract with Redbridge Council in January 2014. The Bowls club has been an integral feature of the community since its introduction in 1928 but had become increasingly affected by moss and fairy rings. These issues have been detrimental to the quality of surface and Ground Control has acted swiftly to have the problem terminated by educating our teams through the IOG course.

Gary Armstrong, Lecturer at Warwickshire’s Moreton Morrell Centre and IOG Assessor, was able to provide expert advice on maintaining and improving sporting surfaces. From technical adjustments with machinery to managing the long term recovery of the turf, Gary ensured our members were supplied with site specific information to revitalize the green.

Neil Huck said the training demonstrates Ground Control’s relentless efforts to improve our service;

“To be an industry leader we must recognise the need to demonstrate a passion for progression, something that Ground Control has once again proven by answering the  skills gap amongst our new Redbridge teams by up skilling them to a IOG standard for fine sports turf maintenance.’’