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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Ground Control tackles drug abuse on sites

Ground Control tackles drug abuse on sites


Communications Manager, Kieran Sandhu, and HSQE Compliance Manager, Mark Curry, with the new Securetec drugs test.

Ground Control has introduced a new drug testing scheme to increase the safety of our operatives when working on sites across the country. Entering a site while intoxicated due to alcohol or drug exposure not only puts the individual at risk but also those around them.

Drug tests can often be intrusive and uncomfortable experiences, especially as they usually require a urine sample. Ground Control has been able to by-pass this by using innovative Securetec technology which uses sweat and saliva samples instead, while producing an accuracy rate of over 95%.

The new test takes eight minutes to complete and can accurately identify the type of drug being used by individuals with a positive response. Alongside the test, we will also be carrying out feedback forms to ensure we take employee comments on board to help create a non-invasive experience.

Our HSQE Compliance Manager, Mark Curry, and Communications Manager, Kieran Sandhu, recently trialed the first test before rolling it out across the business. Mark said he hopes to ensure our managers on site take responsibility and act accordingly if they identify anyone that may be under the influence;

“It is about raising awareness, taking control and being vigilant. Many people have pre-conceived ideas about the effects of drug abuse but in reality it can have both mental and physical consequences that can result in serious injury or death. We need to ensure that anyone under the influence is removed from site immediately to ensure the safety of anyone else within the area.”

We consider the safety of our people to be our number one priority at Ground Control, highlighted by our four consecutive RoSPA Occupational Health & Safety Gold Awards. Ground Control currently runs the Employees Assistance scheme to offer help and advice to anyone that is in need of confidential support. We continue to endeavour to support our employees and their families throughout times of need.


The moment of truth: Kieran and Mark go through the results of the drugs test which takes just 8 minuted to complete.