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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Ground Control Reaching New Heights

Ground Control Reaching New Heights

We recently carried out a series of demonstrations of one of our newest external cleaning services; gutter clearance, with our client, Travelodge.

The particular site in which was carried out the demo was a 3-storey Late Victorian property with gutters at 3-4 different levels, including tight valley gutters which were solid with debris and weeds – the perfect gutters to show of our new Space Vac machines.

Space Vac equipment can reach gutters up to 20 metres high, and comes with 3 standard nozzle shapes to loosen and clear blockages, as well as reaching crevice areas.

On this demonstration, we cleared approximately 30 metres of guttering in about 60 minutes, while the operative delivering the demonstration identified that the site should take about 45 mins to complete, and if visited regularly, could take as little as 30 mins.

Ground Control’s Operations Manager for Maintenance, Simon Smith, commented:

“The Space Vac unit was light and easy to use, and the camera function is genius!  It is very easy to see what is going on at the height that the work is being carried out. You can see from the before and after photos just how effective it is.”

The Travelodge Manager on-site was more than happy with the results, commenting on how this would be ideal for hotels, as you do not have the intrusion of scaffold or ladders in front of guests’ windows for long periods of time.

Ground Control’s Maintenance Director, Chris Rowe, added, “We are very excited to now be rolling this new service out to our clients. It adds value and is a cost effective solution to a long term maintenance challenge to clients.  We have invested in some of this equipment and are in the process of training up our Field Teams and Contract managers across the UK.”


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