The latest updates from Ground Control.

The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Ground Control Ploughs Through Winter!

Ground Control Ploughs Through Winter!

As we gear up for winter, Ground Control has once again moved to use the latest technology to deliver an improved service this winter through our delivery of new and unique snow ploughs.

Supplied by Vale Engineering, the new snow ploughs have no hydraulics, with less moving and working parts to ensure the more efficient movement of heavy snow. The innovative design allows the snow plough to be compatible with 3 different types of fittings – front and rear point linkage, front loader quick hitch and JCB euro hitch, to suit a much wider range of tractors.

Winter Maintenance teams often have the capability to clear snow but it is not always as easy to get the equipment in place to begin with. The new ploughs’ 3-fitting design allows linkage to a range of vehicles, catering to an array of new teams!

Winter Operations Manager, Andy Simpson, is delighted with the new equipment;

“The new ploughs are fantastic. The innovative linkage design is ideal for our teams, who have various different tractors. Being able to cater for all our teams’ vehicles is another step forward, ensuring we can have lots of teams in place to help us manage the winter season! We are always looking to incorporate the latest technologies into our business and these new ploughs are a further testament to our forward thinking mentality.”

We are soon to be targeting areas of need for new snow teams, so watch this space for updates in your area.

Snow Ploughs

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