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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Ground Control offer new lease hire option alongside partner ChargePoint

Ground Control offer new lease hire option alongside partner ChargePoint

Ground Control has now unveiled a lease hire option for the supply and installation of ChargePoint charging units, continuing their support of the electric vehicle network

Ground Control’s new offering will enable businesses greater flexibility when considering installing charge points at their premises. With ever increasing challenges when it comes to budget approval for purchasing anything new, a lease hire option will allow facilities managers an alternative option to give customers, employees and visitors the service they need as the EV market accelerates over the next few years.

Being an incredibly fast-paced technological industry, electric vehicle chargers are constantly being improved and updated. Add to this the fact that the UK move to e-Mobility is happening much faster than anticipated, this presents companies with the challenge of finding the budget to install a charging service, let alone budgeting for a future proofed solution.

Andy Gray, Ground Control’s Business Development Manager for EV Charging solutions, explained: “At Ground Control, we are committed to caring for our environment. In a bid to support the nation and our customers in the transition to e-mobility, we are offering a simple solution to suit all.

‘’As well as numerous benefits when it comes to purchasing and setting up new infrastructure, our lease hire option allows for easy budgeting, cash flow projections and some costs are often tax deductible.

‘’The benefits of this new service and solution means that businesses can install an infrastructure of just one or two chargers initially, and then build on this as demand grows and they see the benefits of providing this value-added service for their customers, employees and visitors. What makes this innovation even more attractive is that depending on the tailored solution chosen, this can all be done from as little as the price of a cup of coffee and a sandwich per day.”

GC-ChargePoint are distributors and installers of EV charging points throughout the UK through their partnership with ChargePoint (market leaders in the US) who is now targeting the UK market.

Whether lease hired or purchased outright, the modular design is fully scalable and allows businesses to decide if consumers, employees or visitors should pay or not.  The business can decide dynamically and remotely how to change the costs to the consumer to suit business needs, e.g. free of charge when there is low demand and pay per use at busy times.

Businesses can change this protocol as the market evolves, e.g. as EV charging become a new Pay For Service-style business stream.  The largest US customers for ChargePoint are Google, Facebook and Amazon who provide free to use ChargePoint EV charging stations in their staff car parks and Wal-Mart who use the ChargePoint EV charging stations to attract customers, reporting every installed EV Charging station improves customer spend.

Following side-by-side comparisons, the tech giants have opted to replace their other EV charging devices with ChargePoint as this is simply a more flexible, future proof product.

To understand the opportunity it could represent for your business, contact one of the team at Ground Control on 0800 334 5606 or email for more information or a free site survey.