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Ground Control: Continuing to Raise Awareness of Drugs & Alcohol On Site

Ground Control: Continuing to Raise Awareness of Drugs & Alcohol On Site

Random Drugs and Alcohol TestingGround Control’s National HSQE Compliance Manager for Construction, Mark Curry, continues to raise awareness of drugs and alcohol on site as part of a witnessed Health & Safety inspection.

As part of the HSQE team’s witnessed inspection scheme, Mark accompanied Construction Manager, Jon Lane, to the M1 J28-31, J32-35a Smart Motorway Scheme, Rotherham, where we are carrying out works for Highways Agency on behalf of the principal contractor, Costain.

Witnessed inspections are carried out by Mark as part of our continued support training schedule with all Construction Managers, as a way to keep all up to speed with current legislation and with what is required as part of our Health and Safety inspections relating to specific works.

All Construction Managers have a target of one inspection and two safety briefings or Toolbox talks per month to complete as a minimum; all helping us work towards continued improvement and compliance within our construction division. This target is often exceeded; with all Managers sharing their findings to help focus on any weaknesses in our business, which is seen as a positive working tool.

At the site, Mark completed the HSQE inspections and safety briefings with a focus on Near Miss reporting and equipment checks with Construction Manager, Jonathan Lane. Mark took the opportunity to carry out a random drugs and alcohol test on the team on site, issuing each member of the team with a raffle ticket to determine a random test – which came back negative.

Mark then briefed the team about the importance of these tests on site; to ensure everyone is safe to work and to protect members of the public from accidents due to misuse of drugs and alcohol.

Costain’s Senior Agent was delighted with our actions, as our approach strongly supports their D&A testing process.

Mark Curry commented, “Due to Ground Control’s drug and alcohol policy, we have four types of testing which we perform on teams regularly to ensure compliance on site. The team today were more than happy to take part; they had a great attitude and were very supportive of our key message, ‘STOP! Think! Safety First.’”


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