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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Ground Control Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Ground Control Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Its National Apprenticeship Week (8th – 14th February) and Ground Control demonstrates its support through two very important schemes; apprenticeships for individuals with learning difficulties (an industry first!) and this week have announced a brand new careers scheme; apprenticeship in Horticulture and Arboriculture Level 2.

Ground Control support apprentices with learning difficulties and have already successfully supported, mentored and now employed the first graduate of the program; 20-year-old Wayne Gorman. Following close on his heels are two more pupils from The Westminster School – 19-year-old Jordan Brown has completed his supported internship and is transitioning to his grounds maintenance apprenticeship scheme while Kenny Hanney’s career has begun via the internship program.

Under the scheme, Ground Control provides practical help and advice to participants throughout their apprenticeship as well as coordinating with their school, training college and educational bodies to help adjust aspects of their training to ensure it is accessible and inclusive for people with learning difficulties.

It’s proving a hit with students, with The Westminster School identifying and supporting five more pupils who will move into the program over the next 12 months. Eventually, graduates will become their own bosses and work for themselves – as part of a qualified field team – and be given the appropriate level of support to enable them to work on suitable maintenance contracts on behalf of Ground Control.

“We’ve worked closely with teachers and regulatory authorities to make the training courses more accessible and flexible for people with learning difficulties”, said Roy Candlin, Contracts Manager at Ground Control. “A key to this has been the removal of barriers such as the requirement for five GCSEs that were preventing a lot of people like Wayne, Jordan and Kenny from achieving their potential.”

“No other apprenticeship program in the country compares to this,” said Oliver Flowers, headteacher at The Westminster School. “It’s a beacon of best practice as it gives our young people an opportunity to develop a career and gain real independence.

This week, Ground Control announced that it is now offering apprenticeships in horticulture or arboriculture, level 2, and where individuals,  (from any stage of their life) can join the apprenticeship programme to learn new skills, gain accredited qualifications and progress towards running your own business while caring for the environment. Interested? to apply click here.


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