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Ground Control Attends Safety Groups UK’s AGM

Ground Control Attends Safety Groups UK’s AGM

Mark Curry pictured with SGUK's Chairman, John CairnsGround Control’s National HSQE Compliance Manager and Publicity Officer for Kent Health and Safety Group, Mark Curry, recently attended Safety Groups UK’s Annual General Meeting. Pictured here with SGUK Chairman, John Cairns.

Representing Ground Control, Mark attended the meeting held at NEDERMAN Extraction Solutions Factory, a manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV). Otherwise known as dust and fume extraction, LEV is a control measure which is put in place to reduce the incidents of ill health and death caused by poor workplace air quality.

To demonstrate the importance of LEV dust control, NEDERMAN gave a welding demonstration without an LEV in operation. After just 10 seconds of welding, the yellow duster in use developed a brown mark showing that while we see smoke, it is not often considered to be a form of particulate like dust, when actually, it is.

As part of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of construction dust, Mark has been looking into working to improve methods of on-tool dust extraction to reduce the risk of ill health; occupational asthma, silicosis and COPD. By carrying out a 15 minute Face Fit test on site with each of the operatives, Mark can demonstrate clearly the importance of a properly fitted facemask; which is essential as the slightest exposure to silica dust can cause long lasting, detrimental effects.

On the day, there was a presentation from the Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers (ILEVE), which was formed to promote the science and understanding of LEV, to improve overall standards across the industry. National HSQE Compliance Manager, Mark Curry, said:

“It was great to be a part of the day. Safety Groups UK is continuing to promote health and safety by supporting a thriving national network of health and safety groups. There are plenty of new projects under development, and it was good to see their proactive approach to occupational health and wellbeing.”

New projects for Safety Group UK include: Learning Occupational Health by Experiencing – raising awareness of health risks at work to the young worker as they are about to enter the workforce. The Group’s 2016 focus will be on the risks to breathing with their ‘Clean Air Take Care’ campaign, followed by hearing and touch; ‘Listen Today – Hear Tomorrow’, muscles, bones, joints and overall wellbeing.

With an estimated 1.2 million working people suffering work-related illness, 13,000 deaths and 500,000 new cases each year, it is becoming ever important to work towards a higher standard of occupational safety.

Safety Groups AGM - Nederman


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