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Going the Extra Mile with Sainsbury’s – Calum’s Garden

Going the Extra Mile with Sainsbury’s – Calum’s Garden

CalumGround Control recently teamed up with Sainsbury’s and Arcus FM to make the dreams of a young boy suffering with Aplastic Anaemia, come true.

Until December 2013, Calum was a normal, healthy 3 year old boy from Livingston, when he was diagnosed with a disease of the blood called Aplastic Anaemia (bone marrow failure). Calum received a bone marrow transplant and intensive chemotherapy on 23rd April 2014 and has been in recovery since. His operation was a success but he still has to undergo lots of treatment and will not receive the all clear for 5 years. He has been leading a sheltered life as any infection can be life threatening.

Sainsbury’s Livingston ran a competition at Christmas for a local child to receive an extra special Christmas – Calum was the all-out winner; such a brave little boy with so much to deal with in his short life. Fundraising in store, Sainsbury’s raised £1000, some of which was spent on Christmas food shopping for a Christmas Day spent at Calum’s Cabin: a charity-run retreat which specialises in helping sick children.

Calum's Garden BeforeAll Calum asked for was a trampoline and a climbing frame, which Sainsbury’s purchased ready to be installed in Calum’s garden. Due to the garden and the garden wall not being in the best of shape, Sainsbury’s have had to hold off and rely on the help of businesses to make the young boys dream come true.

This is where Ground Control stepped in.

At the request of Arcus RFSM, Chris Letham and Sainsbury’s; Contracts Manager, Simon Breustedt, and team leader, Gareth Ihmig, visited the garden to see what best could be done to allow the installation of the play equipment provided by Sainsbury’s.

The garden was very wet and did not drain well and also ran at a bit of a slope. It was decided that the best solution would be to level off the garden and install artificial turf which is soft, durable and best of all, very quick drying – allowing Calum access out into his garden all year round.

Simon and Gareth were joined by the Arcus FM team and staff members from Sainsbury’s Livingston to carry out the works. Firstly the guys had to knock down the dangerous and crumbling wall.

Calum's Garden - Sainsbury's 1Following the clearance of the old wall, the Arcus FM team assisted in erecting a new post and rail fence, with the painting carried out by members of Sainsbury’s staff.

Calum's Garden - Sainsbury's 2One of Ground Control’s teams then kindly donated three days of their time to come in and carry out the ground works and installation; and even sourced the bulk of plant and materials required, free of charge from their suppliers.

Calum's Garden - Sainsbury's 3Excavations began, bottoming out, and levelling off! Young Calum even helped too. After the finishing touches were finally made, Calum was allowed to enjoy his new garden – and he loves it to bits!

Ground Control’s Contracts Manager Simon Breustedt, who helped with the works, said:

“It was so great to have been involved in this project, really making a difference to a little boy’s life. Calum’s family are so appreciative of everything that has been done for them over the last couple of weeks, and we are so proud to be a part of it. Job well done.”

Calum's Garden - Sainsbury's 4Calum rarely ventured into the old garden, and now his mum has to drag him in for his tea! We are wishing Calum many hours of happiness in his new play area and a continuing steady road to recovery.

The below plaque will be set in the garden as a note of thanks to all those involved.