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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Giant Conker headlines the grand opening of Oxhey Park

Giant Conker headlines the grand opening of Oxhey Park

oxhey opening

Ground Control’s Construction Manager, Matt Hallam (Front left), and Senior Manager, Andy Harris, attend the grand opening conducted by Mayor Dorothy Thornhill (centre).

A two tonne sculpture of a giant conker has been unveiled at Watford’s Oxhey Park by Mayor Dorothy Thornhill. The conker will be the centre piece of the park, sitting at the top of the newly installed central steps to complete the rejuvenation project carried out by Ground Control.

The conker was designed and built by David Gross, with an incredible diameter of over two metres, taking over three months to complete. While the leaf shaped bench was another fabulous creation produced by David and installed by Ground Control.

The company has been working on the rejuvenation of a number of parks in the Watford region over the recent months and locals have already expressed their delight at the work that has been carried out. A thrilled Mayor Dorothy Thornhill echoed their response by stating;

“I judge any project as being successful, not only by the end result but also by the number of complaints it receives and I have not had any which is absolutely brilliant. The project has really made the park more accessible to visitors from the local area and beyond.

“It’s now a park instead of just a piece of land because before we completed the project, it was just a place where people came and walked. On a good day it’s swarming here now rather than it just being for dog walkers! It has also become an attraction for people outside of Watford to visit as well.”

When working in community projects with direct implications on the public, we always aim to offer the highest standards of service. Ground Control is proud to have a customer retention rate of 99.2% and the comments made by Mayor Dorothy Thornhill offer further evidence to the fantastic work carried out by our teams.


The conker sculpture weighs over two tonnes and took designer, David Gross, three and a half months to build.

leaf bench

The leaf bench includes a mahogany based interior for added weight but is mainly constructed of oak.