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Forever Harnessing the Elements!

Forever Harnessing the Elements!

winter maintenance picThe continually changing weather definitely keeps us on our toes here at Ground Control, so it is no wonder that we need to be kept up to date with the Met Office’s forecasting service.  As highlighted by Horticulture Week in their recent article, ‘Harness the elements: landscape planning through effective use of weather forecasts’, Ground Control directs resources appropriately with the use of accurate weather forecasts and ensure site safety for staff as well as the visiting public.

We pride ourselves with the confidence customers have in our services, therefore it is extremely important that we are able to deliver to a high standard all year round. The Met Office’s forecasting service helps us keep ahead of the weather, while such an expanse of forecast information means that we can access data specific to the activity we are looking to undertake.

Our Winter Operations Manager, Andy Simpson, explains how forecasts are used all year round:

“The incredible changeability of the UK climate means we are always on our toes no matter what season it is. During the warm summer months, we use live weather updates to inform our teams of safety essentials for the day, such as water breaks and the best times to cut. The large amounts of rain in 2014 meant that many of our sites were growing at a much faster rate than usual, therefore we used the data to meticulously plan our summer visits in a way that we could stay one step ahead of the weather.”

“The winter season is a whole different ball game as we now look for dropping temperatures as opposed to rising ones. Our unique temperature-triggered programmes mean our teams work in tandem with live weather forecasts to know when to grit and when to be on call for snow fall. Weather forecasting really is at the hub of our business all year round.”

To view the full Horticulture Week article, click here.


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